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Peter Behrens School of Arts

Dipl.-Des. Eib Eibelshäuser



Photographic Lighting, Lighting Strategies
Research subjects:
Licht und Wahrnehmung
Today, we are able with the aid of digital media and without any artificial light source to shed light on a scene and generate a digitally illuminated image. To do that, photographers need their own aesthetics of light, based on their experience of light in the real world. This entails a great degree of know­ledge and experience of how light can cast itself over a scene. Someone who has not experienced, felt and seen light in natural surroundings, in the spirit of the theory of regularity and harmony in nature and art, i.e. aesthetics, cannot do lighting design, and therefore cannot do photographic design either. This applies in particular to the handling of virtual light sources and the resulting light design. Without light, there is no shade, there are no colours, and no images. Without light, we have no spatial experience, know nothing of dimensions or extent, and are devoid of perspective. Light is the medium in which we perceive, develop ideas and make discoveries.