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​​​The International Office

Information for prospective exchange students at HSD

Website of the intern​​ational office (only in German!)​​

Michaela P​etri​

phone +49 211 4351–8125

Studierenden Support​​ Center
Münsterstrasse 156
​room 02.1.028

Ms. Petri is your partner at the international office, she is responsible for all things around your stay in Düsseldorf. For example:

  • your application
  • letter of acceptance
  • pick-up service
  • orientation weeks

The Department

Florian Boddin

phone +49 211 4351–3248
Georg-Glock-Strasse 15

room NE.43 / B2.38​​​​​

Herm​​​​​​an Hermsen

phone +49 211 4351–3055
Georg-Glock-Strasse 15
room N1.61​​​

Mr. Bod​din​ is your contact to Communication Design, Retail Design and Exhibition Design and Mr. Hermsen for Applied Art and Design. They will help you with all questions around the department:

  • if you have problems with your courses;
  • if you would like to change your learning agreement;
  • all questions around your studies.

The 'Studienbüro Gestaltung'

Michaele von Dahle​​n

phone +49 211 4351-8107

Sabine Kopi​​ttke

phone +49 211 4351–8111
Georg-Glock-Strasse 15
room N1.23


  • all things around your tests and grades
  • transcript of records


Study programmes​

The Faculty of Design offers various study programmes supported and extended by the research oriented work of the respective institutes:

  • Communication Design
  • Applied Art and Design 
  • IRAA, Institute for Research in Applied Arts
  • Retail Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • edi, Exhibition Design Institute

Actual timetable (only in German!)​​

More information on the Faculty of Design

Examples of timetables​​​

​​Course Performance

Useful Hints​