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"IF Design Talent Award 2018 Best of the year“

​​​​​​​Applied Art and Design Alumni Hanxiao Shao (2016) hat mit Ihrer Master-Arbeit 'Puzzle out-Wood Stories' den Preis "IF Design Talent Award 2018 Best of the year“ gewonnen.

Puzzle out-Wood Stories is a collection of therapeutic toys in combination with short stories for children, especially those with developmental retardation. It can be used for playing and can serve therapeutic purposes. By learning different stories, children could gradually recognize and identify the characters in these stories.They could also assemble the toys to construct the characters they identified since the toys can be assembled and connected in many ways and in various level of difficulty. The aforementioned experience could also enhance their rehabilitation training and ameliorate​ their mental and executive capabilities. One story includes two to three characters, which can set together with the given components. Ihre Arbeit wird gerade über die IF Website und IF APP veröffentlicht.