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Commune /kəˈmjuːn/ Talk #3: Ritu Ghiya

Commune /kəˈmjuːn/ Talk #3: Ritu Ghiya  
9 June 2021, 19:00–20:30 CEST 
Registration: http://bit.ly/CommuneTalk9June 
Ritu Ghiya
Make New Memes: state(s) of publishing and play
Event Description: 
When in-person events were canceled indefinitely last year, designers, developers, and self-taught hybrids were tasked to churn out digital versions at a rapid pace. And, as we wondered how digital projects could be feasible, connective, and—maybe, most importantly—more fun, online publishing was evolving. Join artist Ritu Ghiya as she touches on the ecosystems of the internet within frameworks of DIY art and publishing (TikTok and “viewing rooms” included), as well as her thoughts on web work as a complicated straddle between digital art and commissioned design.
Ritu Ghiya (https://www.r-i-t-u.com)​ is an artist who works as a designer and web developer. Her digital works involve retrieving and archiving personal and collective ephemera—in an attempt to channel the serendipity of the offline world. Most recently, she has collaborated with Printed Matter, Tom of Finland foundation, Wendy’s Subway, and lucky risograph on designing + developing digital projects.

Commune /kəˈmjuːn/ Talks: Practicing Entanglement  
May–July 2021 
A series of biweekly talks exploring design’s role in mutual support, interdependence, collaboration, and emerging modes of communing.  
All talks will take place in English on Wednesday, from 19:00–20:30 Central European Time. The events are free and publicly accessible with pre-registration.  
Presented by the Hochschule Düsseldorf, Peter Behrens School of Arts, Communication Design.   
Organization and design by the course Commune /kəˈmjuːn/: Practicing Entanglement, Summer 2021: Marie-Ange Angelini Kunze, Camden Barrows, Dagmar Buchenthal, Andreas Schubert, Ahmed Shukur, Ginny Sol W
Professor: Prem Krishnamurthy