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Amber Trip Art Jewellery Award für Mansuo Zhu

 Master-Student von Applied Art and Design Mansuo Zhu gewinnt den internationalen "Amber Trip Art Jewellery Contest" in der Kategorie Schmuck.
109 Künstler reichten Arbeiten zu dem dem Thema “Nothing to declare” ein. 
Die Schmuckstücke werden in der Galerie ARgenTum (Vilnius, Litauen) bis zum 17. April einem breiten Publikum präsentiert.​​​​​​

The competition
​The jewellery art competition “Nothing to declare” invited artists to announce their freedom in the language of jewellery, to say loudly that we have nothing to declare or hide. On the other hand, we can declare our freedom, freedom to travel and stay in our homeland, freedom of thought and freedom to disagree with others, freedom of being ourselves, freedom of being an artist and freedom from the idea of Independence. Because we have gained such a right. “Nothing to declare” means justice and the possibility of passing through any inspectors with no fear (it is not by accident that we can also see the representative of the Customs of RL among the members of jury), but above all, the whole set of possibilities. 109 artists presented this by using the metal art.