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NRW Design Issue presents_AND

For the second time THE NRW DESIGN ISSUE shifts young fashion design in the focus. During four days three different elements of events highlight and impulses the fashion and art scene in Düsseldorf and take care of a vivid exchange. The Applied Art and Design Department of the Peter Behrens School of Arts/University of Applied Science Düsseldorf joins this venue with a number of current works.


Fashion jewellery is created with the catwalk and couture in mind, characterized by its creativity and originality. The department of Applied Art & Design at Peter Behrens School of Art in Düsseldorf has its emphasis on jewellery, object and product. All three topics are reflected widely within the study and the outcome ranges from applied through to fine art. Jewellery can stay autonomous and have various contexts on the one hand, but can as well connect to different worlds. During the last term seven jewellery design students strike a liaison with the fashion world. Düsseldorf with its citizens itself was inspiration and starting point for this project;

Ordinary up to eccentric styles from the streets of Düsseldorf are documented and translated into verbal descriptions. Certain dress codes are recognizable next to the huge urge of individualization. Each work develops from the first impression to a precise examination of specific details and statement of the citizen. The stunning results blur the boarders of fashion and jewellery. They combine traditional techniques and modern methods to create this style of jewellery. Fashion jewellery has its close relation to the wearer but the way of attaching to the body is not conventional. Skilled craftsmanship, unusual materials and unexpected sizes are united in a limited-edition approach. Where does fashion stops and where does jewellery starts - or the other way around? It is arguably an exciting field in fashion and jewellery today.

The NRW Design Issue Jul18 - Temporary presents AND 19. - 22. Juli 2018 NRW-Forum Düsseldorf | Ehrenhof 2 | D-40479 Düsseldorf

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Credits: Photo // Eric Fritsch Exhibition Design // Eric Fritsch and Vanessa Kiefert M.A. Hair & Make-Up // Paula Tsukino Model // Charlotte Rohde Jewellery//Applied Art and Design department, PBSA/ Hochschule Düsseldorf Supervision//Prof. Jantje Fleischhut and Karin Heimberg M.A. ​