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Jour Fixe Vortrag Vrints-Kolsteren

​Jour Fixe Graphic Design präsentiert
Vrints-Kolsteren, Antwerpen/BE

Jour Fixe Vortrag
Donnerstag, 19.12.19, 18.00 Uhr
Hochschule Düsseldorf,
Raum 06.2.056

Vrints-Kolsteren delivers singular design experiences by shaping identities for various brands and projects. Rooted in strong visual premises, the studio offers a multidisciplinary approach ranging from creative direction to photography and graphic design.

In every endeavor, an in-depth attitude guides Vrints-Kolsteren into curating a visual culture. The studio engages every client and partner in a dialogue aimed at capturing the brand’s essence while inspiring its future too. The studio’s work seeks to reflect the guiding principles of a brand or project, often resulting in ongoing partnerships.

Recent commissions include creative direction for Arte Antwerp, ongoing photography for Knack Weekend , visual identity for the Antwerp Art Weekend and The Night of The Visual Arts, as well as the exposition design and catalog for Mol Kiest Kunst.


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